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Yeah, its been a while since the last post.

I updated the Discography section (need Tenshi to go in and do the clicking image thingers for update o_ob ).

I also updated the live reviews section, you'll find links to reviews by Krys.

Also, please note we are still looking for donations for the media section. If you have wallpapers, icons, etc please email them to us and we will put them up. Also, don't forget to put your name and any links you may want posted with your work (we want to credit you).

Another note, the downloads section has been updated. Its just an mp3 for now, I might post one of the new PVs upon next update.

One more issue, if you have joined the gallery feel free to post images in the sections. This is not just for me and Tenshi, this is for us to all share. Please help out, we have tons of images but I have to divide my time among work, 4 domains and various subdomains, my own buisness, and various other things.

Before I leave everyone be I would like some feedback. Is there anything else on the site that you would like to see featured? Please reply to this post listing improvements and we will look into them. More in depth profiles on each member are coming, watch for that.

I have one question...do people really enjoy the site still? o(_ _)o
Back when I opened my 12012 on honeyblade.net (around in late 2004 early 2005, I was too scared to advertise for the longest time XD;) it was the only english site, didn't have alot going on...and the layout was pretty chaotic. There are now more sites coming around and I just wonder if you guys prefer to get information there.

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